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Boston Bruins' Player Makes a Nice Move with Condo Swap in Boston's North End

Boston Bruins' Player Makes a Nice Move with Condo Swap in Boston's North End

Boston is quickly rising through the ranks of most expensive cities to live and rent in the United States. With over 15,000 residents classifying as millionaires, it is also fostering a healthy and vibrant economy. Many sports stars call this city home, including Boston Bruins player David Krejci. Krejci, along with his wife Naomi, recently sold his penthouse condominium at 236 Commercial Street in the North End for $1.83 million. The condominium features four bedrooms, a large living room with high ceilings, an interior brightened by skylights, and a private deck looking out over the Boston Harbor. Other highlights in the luxurious condominium are an open kitchen and dining area, a floating staircase, and a luxurious master bath with a double vanity, soaking tub, and a glass-enclosed shower. The unit totals 2,618 SF.

The couple traded that apartment for a smaller 1,738 condominium at the Union Wharf building, which is also located on Commercial Street. The new condominium, purchased for $2.5 million, includes recessed lighting, soaring ceilings, a wood-burning fireplace, and a 10,000 SF deck on the waterfront. A swimming pool is part of the condominium, and the unit comes with a deeded parking space, which in itself can cost well into the high-five and six-figure price range. Although the condominium comes with quite a price tag, the selling price is about average for that part of Boston. Elsewhere on Commercial Street, condominiums are selling for upwards of $2 million. Many have at least one deeded parking space and feature a waterfront setting. They vary in size, with some of the largest featuring five bedrooms and multiple bathrooms.

The building where the couple's new condominium resides is called the Union Wharf. Like other commercial projects in the area, the lot was converted into modern use from the original buildings on the site that were primarily warehouses. The Union Wharf building repurposed the historic brick and granite warehouses, which were built in 1830, into condominiums in 1978. Inside Union Wharf are 23 townhomes and 89 units. Most of those units (75) are dedicated as residential living space, while the rest are set aside for commercial use. Many apartments in the building are loft-style and feature a brick and beam interior. The townhomes, or condominium units, start at 2,400 SF of living space. Each unit has a tiered-deck design, with an upper and lower deck looking out over the Boston Harbor. Penthouse suits in the building have large terraces with unobstructed views of Boston and Boston Harbor. The complex offers residents an array of luxury features, including gated parking that remains open 24-7, around-the-clock building maintenance, a heated swimming pool, a guest parking area, and marina slips. Adjacent to the building are many of the Waterfront's main attractions, including restaurants and boutique retailers. The building is close to Columbus Park, which was the first Waterfront part to emerge in the North end. Columbus Park, with an abundance of open and green space, features large manicured lawns, fragrant rose gardens, and a stately granite fountain.

In the North End, which is one of Boston's oldest residential communities, the average apartment rental price is a little over $2,800 per month across all types of properties. That puts it higher than Boston's average rental rate of $2,200 per month across all kinds of rental properties. In the North End, one can find a studio for about $2,245 per month, with a total area of about 490 SF. The rate for a one-bedroom apartment averages $2,722 monthly. Apartments of this type in the North End are about 707 SF in size. A two-bedroom apartment goes for about $3,246 per month and yields approximately 984 SF of space. For a three-bedroom apartment in the North End, renters can expect to pay approximately $4,000 each month. Apartments in this category average approximately 1,318 SF in size. Rental prices in the North End, although high, fall behind average rates in some of Boston's other neighborhoods. Apartments rent for about $3,300 per month in Bay Village, and slightly above that amount in Boston's Financial District. Across Boston, the most expensive place to rent an apartment is the Chinatown – Leather District, where average apartment rates exceed $3,400 per month.