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The Living is Easy in East Boston with Trinity Financial

The Living is Easy in East Boston with Trinity Financial

East Boston, or "Eastie," has been a Boston neighborhood since 1836. Like other areas of Boston, population and demand for housing has steadily increased over the years. That opportunity opened doors for developer Trinity Financial, who raced to meet that demand with the construction of a new apartment complex. The developer's project features construction of a 200-unit apartment complex along the East Boston waterfront. But it's not just an apartment complex; taking advantage of its proximity to the water, Trinity Financial wants to make it a holistic lifestyle venue with nautical recreational opportunities like kayaking and paddle boarding. The developer also has grand plans to add an innovative fitness center, concierge service, and dog spa for pet owners. Trinity also envisions adding a Hubway dock and Zipcar spots to the apartment complex.

What the developer manages to accomplish in the coming years has yet to be seen, but the project is one of several new developments, either planned, underway, or already finished, that intend to revitalize the local area. In keeping with the working class tradition of the East Boston neighborhood, the developer stresses that it wants to portray its apartment units as affordable places to live. The complex, which cost Trinity Financial $71 million to build, includes almost 175 apartment units that will rent at current market prices. The project will include six apartments dedicated to supporting the arts. These special units will be designed as live-work opportunities for artists. The building will also contain around 26 apartment units designated as affordable housing.

As planned, the complex will have a range of units from studios to three-bedroom apartment units. The layout will also include lofts of assorted sizes that start at about $2,400. Studios will start at $2,000 per month. One-bedroom units will begin at $2,200 per month, and two-bedroom apartments will start at $3,000 per month. Three-bedroom apartments, the largest of the group, will start renting at a price of $4,800 each month. In addition to the residential space, the building will also include space for retailers to set up shop. Joining the residential spaces are storefronts for art galleries and interpretive exhibits, along with a boat launch.

Regardless of unit size, all apartments will have some common amenities. Each unit will have its own full-size washer and dryer, along with a dishwasher and deep tub. Oversized windows are to be standard in all apartments, consistent with Boston's historic concern of allowing natural light into developed areas. The building's units will also have upscale features like quartz countertops and hardwood flooring. Each unit will have at least one walk-in closet. Tenants will be able to choose apartments with add-on amenities like a patio (available at the ground level) and balconies. Some units will have a moveable kitchen island that easily folds up to make extra space for guests and comfortable daily living.

Shared amenities at the complex include a 24-hour concierge service and a clubroom that invites relaxation and social activities with a warm fireplace. The building will also have an outdoor courtyard with a fire pit (a cherished amenity on pleasant spring and summer evenings) and a sheltered indoor and outdoor lounge. The facility will take transportation into consideration, with an offering of designated bicycle spaces and a lot with 120 reserved parking spots. The building will also have spots set aside for Zipcars.

When the project finishes, the developer envisions it being a mecca for living and working. The project intends to bring Boston's growth to the East Boston neighborhood, but it has yet to be seen if that will happen. The project will cost $71 million and cover 216,000 SF.

East Boston has over 400,000 residents. It is separated from Boston proper by the Boston Harbor, and it shares a border with Winthrop, Revere, and Chelsea Creek. The neighborhood is a prime spot for easy access to Boston; to its direct west is Boston's North End and Financial District, and East Boston is easily accessible through the MBTA Blue Line.