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Luxury Homes for Sale & Rent in Massachusetts

Are you looking for a luxury home in the state of Massachusetts? Boston City Properties can help. From the exquisite brownstones of Back Bay to the sprawling estates of Nantucket, the Bay State is jam-packed with amazing examples of luxury real estate. Regardless of what you have in mind, you're sure to find the perfect thing before too long. Whether you're looking for something that is steeped in history or that is as modern as they come, you'll quickly see that finding great luxury homes all around the commonwealth isn't too difficult. That's especially true when you enlist our help.

Where to Find It

While some areas of the state are known for their high-end real estate, the truth is that it's possible to find luxury homes virtually anywhere in Massachusetts. Still, some areas are better known for this type of real estate than others. Those who seek a summer getaway or a more private area often turn to Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket. City dwellers have it even better, with some of the finest luxury homes in the state found in urban areas like Cambridge and Brookline as well as in upscale Boston neighborhoods like Back Bay and Beacon Hill.


Luxury real estate runs the gamut in terms of style and design. In urban areas, duplexes, brownstones and condos generally corner the market. Luxury abodes in large buildings often take up entire floors; some occupy several. By getting away from the city itself, it's possible to choose from luxury estates that are located on huge acreages with finely manicured and landscaped lawns and gardens. Some people even choose a home for the city and a home for the country in order to enjoy the best of both worlds. Wherever your needs may lie, the real estate market should not disappoint.


Some of the most luxurious homes in the state were designed by renowned architects. For many buyers, this is an extremely important feature. They want to own homes that were designed by the best, which is completely understandable. Of course, most people also take many other factors into consideration. For example, an older home may be well-maintained and in good order, but it may not have been upgraded recently. Not surprisingly, people who are shopping for luxury estates typically want the latest and best features in their homes. Fortunately, most high-end homes are continually upgraded and renovated, so finding properties with cutting-edge features tends to be pretty easy.

If you don't want to design and build your own home, finding one with the features that you absolutely must have can be tricky. Here's a rundown of some of today's most popular luxury home features.

• Acreage - Urban luxury homes tend to have very small lots, which is understandable. In most parts of Boston, you're lucky to have any kind of private outdoor space at all. If you do, you are probably living in a luxury home. For homes that are out in the country, acreage is a much bigger deal for most buyers. In addition to having lots of land to enjoy, a large acreage provides a lot more privacy. Homes are set far back--oftentimes, they're not visible from the road--and long, winding driveways lead visitors and family members to the front door.

• Gated - People who live in luxury homes are understandably concerned about security and privacy. Many times, such individuals are familiar to the public or even downright famous. Further, large homes can be enticing to burglars. Therefore, it is pretty unusual for a true luxury home to lack a gate and secure fence of some kind. This is true about country estates and urban abodes. The best gates allow authorized people to seamlessly enter the property through transponders and other special technology. Intercom systems are typically included for gates that protect sprawling estates, and most of them include video as well.

• Grand Foyer - The perfect luxury home makes a big impression right from the start. Oftentimes, this is accomplished through a truly stunning grand foyer or entryway. Large homes often boast foyers that stretch two or three stories tall. Depending on the design of the house, a grand staircase may also be located in this general area. Typically, grand foyers have comfortable seating and organizational units for jackets, hats, accessories and the like. Many also include walk-in closets where guests can quickly tuck away their belongings until it is time to leave.

• High Ceilings - With the exception of older historic homes, which are usually preserved to maintain their original architecture, most luxury homes feature soaring ceilings that make them feel all the more spacious. Even historic older homes usually have fairly high ceilings, and many have gorgeous vaulted ceilings features intricate inlays, beautiful artwork and other eye-catching features. Modern homes tend to have even more dramatic ceilings, to the point where you almost wonder if there is a ceiling there at all. Luxury condos, townhomes, brownstones and other multi-unit homes are also increasingly including this feature, as the loft trend continues to gain momentum.

• Huge Windows - Again, older historic homes that are being preserved to maintain their original design often lack this particular feature. However, just about any other luxury home that you find will boast massive windows to allow in as much natural light as possible. When combined with high ceilings, huge windows create an airy, open atmosphere that is utterly breathtaking. On contemporary homes, you're likely to find skylights all over the place, as they open things up even more. In addition to letting in light, large windows afford homeowners with expansive views. Since these homes are usually located in beautiful areas, there's typically an amazing view to take in.

• Smart Home Technology - Increasingly, luxury homes are incorporating various types of smart technology to automate and streamline various functions. The Nest thermostat is a familiar and popular example, but the possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to this kind of tech. A well-designed smart home setup will automate things like locks, music, light, heat, air conditioning and much more. These systems can be controlled via smartphones and other mobile devices--even when you are away from home--so they are exceptionally convenient and easy to use. Before placing a luxury home on the market, sellers are wise to add as much smart tech as possible.

• Indoor/Outdoor Living Areas - The days of strictly living your life inside your home are over. While most luxury estates have included patios, decks, terraces and the like for centuries, they tended to keep indoor and outdoor areas strictly separate. Modern luxury homes now blur these lines, including many traditionally indoor features outdoors. For example, lavish homes these days often have full-fledged outdoor kitchens, extensive seating areas, TVs and multimedia entertainment systems and much more. While Massachusetts hardly has perfect year-round weather, having a comfortable place to enjoy the warm, sunny times of year is wonderful.

• Gourmet Kitchens - For many, the kitchen is the most important room in the home. Not surprisingly, luxury estates generally have spacious gourmet kitchens with loads of upscale features, including walk-in pantries, restaurant-quality appliances, wine refrigerators, warming drawers and more. Counters are generally made of natural stones like granite or marble, and custom tile backsplashes are par for the course. Such homes also usually include a second catering kitchen to be used during big gatherings. The nicest catering kitchens are close to restaurant grade, including walk-in refrigerators and freezers, professional equipment and more.

• Spa Bathrooms - If you've ever been to a high-end spa, you have a pretty good idea about what to expect when it comes to bathrooms inside luxury homes. More than ever, homeowners want spa-like experiences; utilitarian bathrooms simply won't cut it. In such a bathroom, you are apt to find a walk-in shower with seating; a steam shower; a rain shower; a soaking bathtub; towel warmers; double vanities and many other luxurious touches. Ambient heated floors are immensely popular in these elegant bathrooms, and some homes even have toilets with heated seats. Naturally, fixtures and finishes in these bathrooms are impeccable. The quality of the craftsmanship is evident at every turn.

• Entertainment - Many luxury homes are so loaded with high-end entertainment options that there's hardly any need to ever leave. Gaming rooms equipped with billiards tables, ping pong tables, card tables, video game consoles and other games are quite common. Home movie theaters are even more ubiquitous, and some include massive screens that make you feel like you're in an actual theater. Plush reclining seats with built-in tables are typically used as well. Well-to-do homeowners have also been known to add indoor basketball courts, indoor swimming pools, sports bars and even indoor bowling lanes to their homes.

• Home Gyms - As sprawling as they tend to be, upscale homes typically have plenty of space for the owners to be as creative as they'd like. One fairly ubiquitous way to upgrade a spare room is by converting it into a home gym. You'd be hard-pressed to find a true luxury estate that doesn't include some type of gym. Increasingly, home gyms are specifically designed for homes, and they usually include massive windows and tons of mirrors. They are usually loaded with state-of-the-art exercise equipment as well as flat-screen TVs, high-end sound systems and other thoughtful touches. These days, many in-home gyms also include space for yoga, pilates and other disciplines.

• Zoned HVAC - Since luxury estates are generally huge--most offer anywhere from 4,500 to well more than 15,000 square feet of space--keeping them effectively heated and cooled can be challenging. Rather than heat and cool every last square foot, such homes typically employ zoned heating and cooling. In virtually every room, you will find a separate thermostat that controls the climate in the immediate vicinity. With zoned heating and cooling, those who tend to run hot can keep their rooms cooler, and those who tend to run cold can keep their rooms warmer.

• Views - A major selling point that is offered by many upscale homes around Massachusetts is an incredible view. In the city, many luxury condos, townhouses and other homes are located on higher floors, so residents can take in sweeping views of the city and skyline. Away from the city, estates typically have massive windows that afford residents views of the open ocean and other water features, rolling hillsides, beautiful valleys, flowing rivers and other scenery. Homes that are perched at higher elevations are particularly popular for this very reason, as they offer amazing views from just about every room.

• Master Suites - Many nice homes have master bedrooms, which tend to be larger than the other bedrooms and sometimes have their own bathrooms. Luxury homes up the ante with master suites that are larger than many apartments. An upscale master sweet might include his and hers closets, private sitting areas, spa bathrooms with steam showers, private balconies, terraces or patios and other special features. In especially fine homes, all bedrooms are essentially private suites, with private bathrooms, sitting areas and other touches.

• Dressing Rooms - For many people, having a walk-in closet is decadent enough. In particularly upscale homes, however, a basic walk-in closet doesn't really cut it. In such homes, you're likelier to find full-fledged dressing rooms that look more like lounging areas than closets. These dressing rooms are often expertly lit and usually include lighted glass display cases, lighted clothing rods and lighted shoe racks. A fairly new trend is for such rooms to include virtual styling tools that residents can use to "try out" different looks without actually putting them on. These tools also come in handy for folks whose wardrobes are positively massive.

• Wine Rooms - True wine connoisseurs can't go without a proper place to store their wine. Wine rooms and wine cellars are incredibly common in upscale homes. Many view them as status symbols. Such rooms are climate controlled to ensure that the wine stays in excellent condition. They also usually have clear sleeves for the bottles, so that people can easily browse the collection--and so homeowners can show off their best stuff. The finest wine rooms are expertly lit and include exquisite finishes and designs. Some even include sitting areas where people can gather for wine tastings and other events.

• Water Access - Fine homes often have swimming pools--indoor and outdoor. For many, though, owning property with water access is far better. In places like Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard, waterfront properties sell in the tens of millions of dollars. Homes with private docks are even more enticing to big spenders. People who enjoy water sports and boating and the like are drawn to these types of homes, and understandably so. Some homes are set a bit away from the water but still offer amazing views, and they tend to fetch jaw-dropping prices too. Still, owning property that has direct access to a body of water is a big deal, and it's a very much in-demand feature.

• The Little Things - In a true luxury home, you will quickly notice that virtually every last detail is of the most exquisite quality. Such homes are usually custom designed, so they often include many clever "built-ins," including shelves, cubbies and other nooks. Intricate embellishments adorn features like columns, pilasters, balustrades and balconies. Wallpaper and paint are typically altered to make them unique to the home. At every turn, it is evident that the interior design was made by a very experienced professional.

• Massage Rooms - In some homes, an in-home massage might be done in a living room or den. In a fine luxury estate, it's more likely to happen in an actual massage room. Such rooms are designed to closely resemble the massage rooms that you'll find in the finest spas. They are usually dimly lit sanctuaries with built-in sound systems that play peaceful, relaxing music while residents enjoy professional massages. Cabinets are filled with oils and other supplies, including candles and other types of aromatherapy. While no one would ever argue that a massage room is an absolute must, it is certainly nice to have.

• Elevators - Most people are shocked to learn that many large luxury estates have elevators. It seems so incredibly decadent to the point of being impractical. However, in truly large homes, elevators are more than mere luxuries; they serve many practical purposes too. Elevators are also actually very simple machines, and the upkeep is fairly minimal--especially when they are used infrequently, as they are in private homes. Some people seek homes with elevators for accessibility reasons, but many do so simply because the home is so large that climbing up and down the stairs throughout the day would be too much.

• Libraries - The typical stereotype of a massive, sprawling, luxury estate includes a stately library with hardwood everywhere. Upscale homes do typically include libraries, and many double as private offices as well. However, they don't all necessarily have the wood-and-leather aesthetic. These days, you're just as likely to find a home with a contemporary office or library setup, including sleek, modern furniture, large windows, a white color scheme and other touches. Such libraries don't just house books, either. Many also serve as repositories for important documents as well as multimedia items like DVDs, Blu-ray discs and CDs.

• Decks and Terraces - Some of the finest luxury homes in Massachusetts include not just one or two decks or terraces but several. Lately, we have been seeing many listings for estates that include terraces or balconies on virtually every floor. Master suites often have their own private balconies, and they may be found in other bedrooms as well. Decks and terraces in these finely appointed homes are generally exquisitely landscaped and decorated with lush plants and flowers. Even on the ground floor, you will find everything from courtyards to patios to decks, so there are always plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors.

• Guest Houses - This is an impossibility in the city, where there just isn't enough space, but guest houses are fairly common in sprawling estates that are located on vast acreages. Some larger homes simply include guest quarters, but many people prefer to have an entirely separate home to offer to visitors. Sometimes, homeowners use guest houses as quarters for employees like housekeepers and butlers. Guest houses are usually set fairly far away from the main house, and they usually include everything that a person could need to get through the day and night.

Condos and Duplexes

When most people think of the term "luxury home," a massive estate--a single-family home--springs to mind. In urban areas where space is at a premium, however, luxury homes take on different forms. Most commonly, they are condos, townhouses, duplexes, brownstones and other multi-unit properties. For some, this isn't as good as having a separate, single-family residence. However, there are some pretty exciting perks to living in many of these luxury townhouses and condos.

For one thing, luxury condos are often located in buildings that offer an array of full-service features. Such developments usually have 24/7 concierge service, which means that you'll always have someone to assist you with just about anything imaginable. In these buildings, residents hardly have to lift a finger for things like dry cleaning and trash pickup. Single-stream recycling is usually offered too, making it easy to protect the environment while living in the lap of luxury. Many buildings have housekeeping services for an additional charge too, and residents typically take advantage of it. By opting for a condo in a building like this, you essentially get a full staff without having to hire anyone. Still, for some people, the level of service doesn't quite cut it.

Luxury condos also usually have direct-access elevators or private entry. That way, there is no need to walk through a lobby or hallway to gain access to your home. This is preferable for many people because they want the most privacy possible. With a direct-access elevator, you must have the right key to go to a specific floor. If someone gets in the elevator and tries to go to a private floor, they won't get anywhere. On the ground floor, private entry is often available as well. Sometimes, it involves passing through a small common area first.

For those who worry that condos, townhouses and the like don't offer enough space, it's important to remember that in some buildings, units sprawl across entire floors. Sometimes, they take up several floors. Total living area varies wildly, but it's possible to find just about any size imaginable. Of course, the finest units in most buildings are the penthouses. Such units don't tend to stay on the market for very long. In fact, some never officially hit the market. Instead, the owners quietly inform their brokers that they want to sell, and the brokers take it from there. Many times, a buyer can be lined up quickly, eliminating the need to list the property for sale at all.

How Boston City Properties Can Help

If you are in the market for a luxury home somewhere in the state of Massachusetts, connect with Boston City Properties. We maintain one of the most comprehensive online databases of MA real estate listings around. While many luxury properties are handled privately by brokers, most are still listed to the general public as well. Our searchable database is continually updated, so you can quickly see what is available at any given time safe in the knowledge that you are getting the latest and best information. We also have 1000's of listings for rent.

Using our search feature, you can apply filters to quickly find viable options. Our search tool also allows you to focus on a specific city, town, zip code or Boston neighborhood, so you have amazing control over how you search. Listings are generally comprehensive and typically include tons of large photos as well as in-depth descriptions.

That's far from the extent of the help that you will get by connecting with Boston City Properties. We have skilled, experienced real estate professionals in all Massachusetts cities and towns. When the time is right, contact us to be put in touch with one in the area where you are looking. We can also easily put you in touch with brokers and agents who specialize in handling luxury properties. Their insights are sure to be invaluable to you throughout the process.

Finding accurate, up-to-the-second information about Massachusetts luxury homes is as easy as connecting with us. Get started this instant by signing up for free, immediate access to our searchable listings. Before you know it, you will have a great list of options to explore. If you need help or have questions at any time, you can always contact our office for assistance. Our goal is to make your real estate venture as easy as can be, so contact Boston City Properties today.